Shattered is a world, not just a single game – this defines the scope of the project as a whole. Shattered Defense is the first step in building something bigger, deeper and more immersive. Gameplay combines the concepts of MOBA and TD games. From Tower Defense games, we’re using their linearity, simple controls and clear overview of everything what’s happening. From MOBA games, we’ve implemented the units’ diversity and their utility in the right situation, mild learning curve, and challenging gameplay style.

Ultimate goal for Shattered Defense is to give players the first look into the interesting world of Shattered – it guides the player through stories of several factions, their history and current approach in their respective single player campaigns. Player takes on a form of a “gatekeeper”, a being with power to control magic currents and to open portals between the distant parts of the world that was shattered into smaller pieces of land across the space. Each gatekeeper may have different motivation, but the goal is the same for everyone – restore the world back into its former shape.

In Shattered Defense, players take on each other in 1-on-1 combat on a land where two gatekeepers and their armies clash against each other and both of them try to secure the land for their cause. Combat takes place on a linear map, where each player opens a portal on either side. Portals are connected with couple of roads, where units clash. Main focus of the players should be on the composition of units on the battlefield and making a decision about what should be summoned as a next unit and on which line it should head to fulfil its role – either win the combat, delay the enemy progress or just walk behind and destroy the portal before they sort out what’s happening. A player can approach the goal in many different ways – after all, the main idea of Shattered is the diversity of races and factions and each of these have their own tactics and strategies that players can use to reach the victory.

Shattered universe

All is One and One is all
All once risen bound to fall
One is all and all is One
Bound to rise once time has come

In the beginning was the One, who dwelled in the Void. The One was perfect, infinite and almighty, endowed with unlimited creative power. The One formed the World, which then was lifeless. Seeing it was lifeless and barren, the One detached a small part of Oneself to enter the World. Thus, on the Earth, Life was created – the ultimate creation of the One, the essence of the World, the linkage to the Void, and the source of the Shattering.

Life thrived on the Earth, evolving into countless forms in water, air, on the ground and beneath, both flowers and animals, simple and advanced, and, at last, sentient. The human race surpassed all other earthly beings in intelligence, which brought them unparalleled power, but also a unique sensation of self-awareness. Aware of the heavy burden of existence, they yearned for knowledge about the World and their place in it and they longed for the power of creation. They developed intricate systems of religion and science to help them understand, produced art and technology in their struggle for perfection, but neither was able to fully satisfy them. Instead, they turned to other means how to fill the emptiness they felt inside – the stronger ones gathered wealth, fame and power, the weaker embraced ignorance, hate and lust. They waged wars against each other and harmed the Earth which bore them. Their greatest gift of intelligence, which made them so close to the One who created them, became their greatest flaw.

The creation of Life disrupted the integrity of the One and the balance between the World and the Void. Every living being is endowed with a soul, a shard the shattered One. It exists simultaneously in the World and in the Void, it contains the life force of an organism and, in case of sentient beings, also its mind. Life thus creates a link between the World and the Void, which can be exploited, either willingly or unwillingly, by any living being. Sentient creatures and especially humans polluted the Void by projections of their emotions such as fear, love, hate and sorrow, which formed into powerful entities and disrupted the order of the Void. Some humans such as prophets, soothsayers, monks and occultists, were able to communicate with the otherworldly entities, weakening the boundaries between the two realms. As the mankind grew in numbers and extended their power over the World, as their souls continued to absorb more and more creative power from the Void to boost progress of their civilization, returning in its stead frustrations of modern life, the balance was finally broken.

Small, invisible rifts in reality appeared on numerous places of the Earth, accompanied by paranormal activity. The rifts began to expand and broaden, separating sections of the Earth from each other, the distance in between being occupied by the Void. The Earth was divided into several planes, isolated from the Void by a membrane, which cannot be permeated by matter, allowing little more than light from the Sun and gravity from other fragments of the Earth to affect the plane. These changes had a broad and immediate impact on the Earth’s ecosystem, despite being gradual. However, the influx of the creative force from the Void permeating through the membranes caused swift changes in the collapsing ecosystem, accelerating evolution of species. Many organisms were extinguished, but others adapted to the new environment of their plane. Each of the planes was unique, so the species, including humans, evolved differently on each of them, which lead into unprecedented diversity of life forms.

These events, later referred to as the Shattering, occurred millennia ago, but in fact they were initiated in the ancient past of the World when Life was created and they continue up to this day. New rifts in reality appear on some densely populated planes, dividing them further and separating their inhabitants. This phenomenon leads resemblances between planes that were originally connected to each other and explains for presence of a given species or civilization on numerous planes.

The creative force, once used by the One to create the World, flows in infinite currents through the Void, permeating through the rifts into the World and interacting with souls of living beings sensitive to it. In its earthly form, it is sometimes referred to as magic. Those individuals who are gifted with the power to accumulate and control the creative force can use it to bend physical laws and produce unexplainable effects such as lighting fire out of nowhere, raising unnatural winds or deforming landscape. Some of them possess the rare ability to sense magic currents flowing from the Void and crossing the plane and to connect through them with other planes. When their call is answered, they can create channels through the Void leading to other planes via magic portals. Sometimes, these channels even intersect uninhabited planes, which can then be accessed from both sides of the channel.

These sensitive individuals, called “magicians” by common folk, are on some occasions referred to as “gatekeepers” for their ability to connect the planes through systems of portals and channels. Some of them are able to extend their influence upon the population through charisma, awe or fear and draw even more power from their devotion and reverence. Their servants assist them in rituals to open and sustain the portals and in battles to conquer or defend the planes. As they subdue more planes and increase the number and zeal of their devotees, their mastery of creative force grows and the presence of their mind in the Void is more and more prominent. Until, one day, they become perfect, infinite and almighty, endowed with unlimited creative power. They become the One and they form the World.