Design: Combat Mechanics

Our goal is to create strategy games where your intellect has bigger impact on the outcome than your reflexes and micromanagement speed. That’s why we design Shattered Defense so that the combat is not just about the numbers. Of course you may try to win using brute force only, but strategy is the real key here. Even weak units can beat the strongest ones with the right leader.

Each unit on the battleground has its unique use and provides you with specific set of abilities. It’s important to know your creatures and combine them in the way that their skills synergizes with the other’s.


Here we made for you a short strip showing the conflict between members of two different factions. Main protagonists are Giant Thrower and Bombermole from Mountain Clan faction, facing against Librarian of the Order.

The Librarian is not a melee combatant – his main power lies in ability to wall himself up and slowly drain enemies from distance by one of his psychic skills.

On the other hand Mullet Thrower is strong guy who can smash things quickly, but he is also really dull and it’s hard for him to adapt when situation changes. He would probably fall if he was there alone, but fortunately he has a friend there. Midget Bombermole, quite a smart one, comes to the scene and knows how to deal with it. He tells his ally what to do, and together they defeat the Librarian in one quick sweep!


Apart from the comics we also created this short “movie”, where you can see the action in more detail.

This video should be part of the battleground trailer in the future. Please note that this is still an early draft, since we do not have a skilled animator in our team yet (if you have some skills and you are interested in our project, or know somebody who might be, we’ll be glad to meet you).