Design: Welcome to Shattered

Welcome to our very first Shattered design blog post!

Today we share some knowledge of the design team to get a glimpse of what exactly is Shattered Defense…

Shattered Gameplay Overview


Shattered Defense combines various elements of classic tower defense and MOBA games. We’re starting with a Single-player setup, but the final goal is to have a fast-paced 1-on-1 multiplayer game that would attract people who like simple but challenging games. In the first playable version we want to present the battleground gameplay – show how it works and what are the things player has impact on.

Game Setup and Goals

Battleground is a map where the combat itself between player and computer occurs. Both sides open the portal to the unclaimed land and fight until the winner emerges. This happens after one of the sides manages to drive out the other and close their portal. However, there are lots of different strategies to reach that goal – and that should be the main benefit of the game. We want players to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges they’ll be facing on the battlefield. There are many combinations of units and strategies and player has to decide the utility.

Summoning the Units

Player is coming into the game with his pre-built deck – each card representing one unit or spell. Every one of these has a cooldown based on it’s statistics and power. When player decides to play a card, he either drags it on the portal or onto the battlefield to cast the spell. Then he has that card on cooldown and manages the units already in play until units/spells are available. Therefore, most of the game is about using the unit or spell cards in the right time and place.

Movement Around the Map

As in the classic Tower Defense games, even in Shattered Defense, units move on their own. When player summons unit, it starts moving towards the enemy portal. Since there are many roads between the portals (just like in MOBAs), player has the tool to move units the way he intends to. Every crossroads where unit may change its course are Direction Arrows which help player manage the movement of units and distribute them accordingly.

Halt and Defend Yourself!

One of the interesting and powerful mechanics in Shattered Defense is when player clicks on a unit. This unit is then ordered to defend itself instead of attacking the enemy portal. It stops right where it was standing and starts using its defensive ability, while on the other hand loses its offensive ability. Since there is limited number of tapped units in defensive stance, it’s up on the player, which unit to put into defense and where.

This was a quick overview of the battleground!

In next Shattered Design Post, we’ll give you a peek into the combat and its systems.

Edit: link to battleground mechanics blog post here.