Shattered Holidays: Done

Hello everyone!

Even though it’s partly sad (both for us and for you), the Shattered team is back from their holiday trips, chills, journeys and occasional disappearances! Now we’re kind of trying to get our relaxed people back to working and functional state, so we started slowly: “What was your holiday like?” – we asked. You might be wondering too, since nothing (like – completely nothing) happened during last almost three months, but we can assure you, that we’re getting back in shape and setting up the project back to tracks for last couple of weeks.

We’re going to step up the posting again (yay!). Next week we’re going to share with you our view on sharing new Shattered posts. Furthermore, we’ll show you what we have in the pipeline for upcoming months! As I mentioned above, we interviewed our holiday-goers – you can have a bite below for what happened.

Shattered Travellers

There were couple of approaches on the holiday season from inside the team. One of these groups are The Travellers! They were able to get out – not just their head, not just their house, but they did go even further and travelled abroad!

Petr fulfilled one of this dreams and he was able to get himself out of the full-time reality and spent almost two weeks on Azores. Part of the journey he spent on Sao Miguel island and part on Flores island. He was catching the inspiration from the crazy virgin nature – check him out spreading the word of Shattered.

We also received some reports of some Shattered Travellers being seen in Beskydy mountains during the holidays. Namely it was Komár who admitted that he was around the area, hiking and clearing up his head for new ideas! Photo from his journey is NOT edited.

Petr on Azores!
Beskydy mountains

Jiří along with Bára spent the holidays in outgoing theme. They were not able to get abroad this year, however, they spent every weekend doing something different! Art venues, postapocalyptic festival, stag night, weeding, music workshops, and all many other events.

Less Active Part

Well, then there is the other part of the team. We’re working on a game, so I guess it’s safe to say we also love to play – sometimes we play a lot. Most of you might know that Battle for Azeroth started and that was “something” for Honza and Petr, who took a week off at work and spent it in different realm.

Lůca might have been mentioned in the travellers’ paragraph, but she admitted that she only got out on a journey once. She managed to get out of the work-eat-sleep cycle and got onto a hike near Rožmitál. As sad as it is, Štěpánka still was not able to break out of her cycle of illnesses and injuries. I’d rather quote her here: “If I survive this year, I’m probably invincible.”.

It was not very different for other parts of the team, as we either have no info or they haven’t even appeared yet. Tomáš was actually seen just couple of times, when he lost his way around Prague and unfortunately ended in our studio (/jk). Most of the time we saw him only in our Steam Friends’ List (not /jk) playing Dota 2.

What will happen now?

After Game Access we actually spent a lot of time brainstorming the feedback. In next post we’ll let you look into what is going to be the daily bread of our team now.

As you’re reading this, we’re probably working in the studio. We’ve updated the layout and we found couple of people wanting to cowork with us here. So keep eyes open for next post!

We hope that we haven’t lost many of you over the course of holidays and we look forward to your feedback in oncoming months of hard work! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any input or discuss with us right away!

Jiri and Bara chilling