Introducing: Mountain Clans

Mountain Clans consist of two races:

Mullets   tall and muscular in stature, not very handy or particularly smart. They are defenders and workers with a simple mindset, but giant ego.
Midgets  what they lack in height and strength Midgets compensate with their cunning and sharp mind. Shamans, thinkers and innovators come from their ranks.

The harsh mountain environment of their home plane forced them to live together and form their society on tight knit cooperation. At the head of the tribe is one chieftain, The Strongest Mullet, and The Smartest Midget shaman serves as his advisor. Just how strong is the hold of a cunning shaman over a dimwitted brute is never said as Midgets are smart to stay silent about the real magnitude of their influence.




Tiny body, equiped with belt with bombs and small shovel for mining.

Midget Twins

Two units in one, always going together. Both equiped with big bag of stones and slingshot.

Clan Defender

Unit with high resists and HP, quite tall and muscular body, covered by couple of iron plates used as an armor, equiped by big old (crashed) wooden shield and club.


Giant Thrower

Very tall and muscular body with extremely long arms, doesn’t use any weapon or armor.