Introducing: Order of the Eternals

Order of the Eternals consists of three social groups:

The Oldest Ones –  ruling circle of priests of Life.
Ascended – middle class, most common.
Contorted – crippled abominations, which were created during the Shattering.

Once some ordinary human beings, they found a way how to prolong one’s life and keep him alive like never seen before. There are people living over 200 years, surviving thanks to the treatment. Their bodies are. however, decaying.



Support unit of the Order. This unit works almost solely on Aura abilities either damaging enemies or boosting allies.


Legion Mutant

A mixed mutant of many individuals. Legions are born like this and even though they have many personalities, they can use them together to be better.



Mutated Screecher

(More TBD…)