In the beginning, we were meeting at many different places – someone’s home, coffees or tea shops – and we discussed not only the vision for the Shattered world, but also other projects that we were working on together.

There were just a few of us, but we all knew – if we want to reach something real, we need some space where we can meet on regular basis. It had to be a place comfortable and large enough to house more people when our team would expand.

This was the main motivation to rent a small basement studio in the centre of Prague in 2017. Well, we called it “studio”, but it was more like an empty hall. There was still a lot of work to do.

But we had a place, finally. And it became something like second home for us, as we started to spend more and more time there. What was formerly just a studio, slowly began to play a much wider role as we have met some interesting people, started to do private IT lectures, musical jams and began to use it as “homeoffice” for our day jobs.

Studio became a central part of our lives with more people joining the project. Our idea is to use the studio as a central hub for other people who need a space for their activities.