Word-w-Design 01: Where do we aim now?

Welcome to the very first part of our blog posting!

One of our biggest aims now is the communication. We know we’re struggling on this one, but it’s definitely good for all sides. We want to keep you posted, what on other hand keeps us motivated to work. Our approach to this would be the regular blog posting here on website – we’re going to share with you information from four different baskets:

  • Word with Design is going to be a post directly connected with the game from the design and project perspective. Furthermore, we’ll be letting you know what’s happening in terms of new features and approaches to the game and how we’re progressing.
  • Dev Blog will be basically very similar to the design one but from the programming perspective. Also we’ll talk to the guys in the basement and translate into human language what they are probably trying to say.
  • To uncover the parts of the story, we’ll be posting Lorekeeper’s Scrolls. You might get the idea about what’s going on in the world of Shattered.
  • Gammaday posts will be representing the relaxing part of the blog. We’ll share with you how we work, what we do and where we’re doing it. Basically everything from the team and great people plumping around us.

Since this first post is a Word with Design, we’ll get more in-depth to the design aims. The catch phrase we’re using to describe the current focus is: “Perfect the Current State!”. Let’s get into it!


Most of the work done before Game Access was done in real hurry and as a result we got the job done but without the accompanying documentation. Lot of stuff was done on a knee and right away, because there was no time to sit back and work on this (yes, we all look for other jobs than getting the documentation done).

Focus will be on the preparation rather than execution right away – so we’ll get into better (and more clear) results. We will know where to go and it will also help us with the project planning. You know too that it’s kind of hard to work together when everyone does his work apart from the others with info in his head – not sharing it out (basically what I was doing all the time, no need to remind me!).

What will be the main advantage for you, who spectate the Shattered? We will have greater volume of specific and clear information to share with you! As everyone will be filling his thoughts to the single medium, we’ll have lot of data to mine from and present them here, so stay tuned!


Not just internal, but also external. As mentioned in the beginning (and also in the middle), we want to share the information. It’s not just for you, but making a commitment to share is motivating us to do better (or actually do).

We do hope that we’ll have couple of people watching what’s happening regularly (or at least sometimes). Maybe you, who are here now will also have word in how the game actually turns out in the end, because we’re really open for the communication from your side! We really appreciated how people rained down the feedback on us at Game Access and it really pushed us to pinpoint the right focus areas, so keep it up!

If you ever want to reach out to us, don’t worry and write us directly on Facebook or just drop us an e-mail. We want to hear from you and if (in the extreme situations) you’d like to join us for a cup of tea (or a game development) at our lair in the centre of Prague – we’re more than happy to see you here!

Game Tweaks

To stop talking about the things “around” – we’re also going to work on the game (finally you mention that!). We’ve been strolling through all the feedback and ideas we received on Game Access Conference in June and sat couple of hours on combining these pieces with the idea we have. Basically, most of the things were straightforward and were fitting (as we had really “just something to show and get feedback on”) to the whole idea of the game, but what we got most of it was getting the players’ insight into the priorities.

In-game focus is now shifting to work on the user experience as a whole. We’re in the early stages of development, but the earlier, the better. Many things were planned in later outcomes, but as we evaluated the points of the feedback, we’ve identified main points to look after:

  • Better Visibility…

    …on the map is crucial for Shattered. We’ve used same visual style for most of the map, thinking this is good idea, but it has proven otherwise. We will play around the styles to find the ideal way to show map and represent units and also work on the UI & Controls.

  • Simplicity & Clarity…

    …must be incorporated. After the feedback we realised, that strength and functions of units are not clear enough. We noted this and we’ll be discussing how to incorporate steps that would help.

  • Goals & Objectives…

    …need to be communicated way better to the player. We’ll be looking into preparing comprehensive tutorial and clearly defining the current objectives on map.

These points are just a small part of the job that needs to be done. We know we’re in clear beginning now. There will be many iterations of Shattered before we’ll clear out at least first three points.

However, we’re still looking forward to hear your feedback again if you have any. In the end, we’re doing this game for all of you and not just for us! 🙂

Have a great week and see you the next!